World Embroidery Day Gallery

To celebrate World Embroidery Day – 30th July – we are sharing some of our work and thoughts from members of the project.

Stitching is escapism into another time and place.’ Claire Phillips

Sarah You

Stitching is my painting in thread’ Karen Teal

Helen Wratten

‘Stitching is my bubble of peace that even needles can’t burst!’ Gaelle Chassery

Lorraine Tait

Stitching is peaceful and calming, even my 8year old notices‘ Sarah You

Anna Armitage

‘Stitching is a haven of calm’ Lesley Brankin

Gaelle Chassery

‘Stitching is quiet time just for me’ Linda James

Catriona Mason

Stitching is my safe place’ Helen Wratten

Diane OConnor

‘Stitching is my way to connect the past to the future’ 🧚🏻 Diane OConnor

Deirdre Sweeney

‘Stitching is my safe place’ Hazel Stenhouse

Karen Teal

Stitching is what keeps me sane’ Lorraine Tait

Hazel Stenhouse
Judy Payne
Pat Swan