Lots of new products in our Etsy store since lock down began. Link below. Xx

In the first year of the project some people asked if we might make starter packs. We are now making them for sale with all profits going to support the project. You do not need to purchase a pack to start the project but, for some people, it seems to help them get going and develop a regular practice.
in addition to the starter packs we are also making inspiration packs to support our open call gift stitch initiatives that pop up from time to time (see blog and Facebook pages). Once again all profits to support the project.
Just recently we are have added our wee kantha stitched brooches for members who have completed their journey.
It is important to us that anyone can join at anytime and for free. However, the project is not without expenses such as admin (postage, domain purchase, printing) materials for packs and workshop and some exhibition costs. Our wee shop helps to sustain the project without having to apply for external funding, meaning that the project grows and flows as the members suggest. Thank you so much for all your support. 🙏❤️❤️🙏 Our Etsy shop can be found HERE.