Featured Makers

On this page we are featuring makers who are happy to share their stitched story. We delve into their world to find out about their motivation, approach and outcomes. It is a lovely way to understand the impact this project has had.
First up, Linda Andrews Wemyss Bay

1. What initially attracted you to the 52 Stitched Stories project?

The challenge of making something completely different to my normal work, doing it for a whole year and being involved with a group of like minded people.

 2. Did you know anyone else involved in the project before you began?

I knew the lovely, talented Claire Philips but after I had been to a couple of meetings I met more people I had known before. 

3. Where do you live?   Wemyss Bay, West coast of Scotland

 4. Are you taking part as an individual or as part of a group?  If you are in a group how many people are in your group?  

West Kilbride group, not sure how many are in the group there are different people who can make the meetings each month.

5.  What previous experience do you have in stitching and/or crafting?     
I was a sewing machinists a very long time ago and do lots of crafts. I have a FB page called Lindascraftstudio. I work with wood and beach finds and this I have brought to my 52 stitches story.

6. Do you have particular aspirations or plans for this project?  If so what are they please? 

I have been inspired by this project I hope others will be by seeing the work done.

7.  How would you describe your working practice?    

I just give things a go sometimes they work sometimes they don’t.

8. Where do you get your inspiration from?  

The beach and  nature mostly.

9. Do you have a favourite postcard?  If so can you insert a picture of it and explain why it is your favourite.  

I like different ones for different reasons so I will say this one …it’s a little piece of each one so 52 dots.

10. Beyond creating a postcard each week what else do you get out of this project?

 I have used this as an excuse to experiment with new things so as well as enjoying the process I have learnt some new skills that I have taken and used in my other work.

11. What are your plans once you reach 52 weeks?  What will you do with your postcards?  How will you store or display them?  

I am creating a structure to hold all 52 postcards for the exhibition then I have always intended to sell individual pieces as I don’t like the idea of them sitting in a box unseen.

12. If you could offer one word to describe this project what would it be?