Bubbling under the surface

There is a lot going on behind the scenes of this wee project so I thought it might be useful to share.

I would like to build a web page dedicated to World Embroidery Day which is the 30th July so I am looking for photos of postcard from anyone who would like their work featured. Best way to send is via the Facebook page but you can also message me here and I will message back and you can then send your image. Thank you everyone in advance. It is amazing that this has come round so quickly, where does the time go?

Behind the scenes I have been working on a very significant new partnership and we are launching the project on 1st August at 11am U.K. time. I don’t want to say too much ahead of the launch but I do hope people will want to get involved in this. The project will include a brand new open call and, possibly, our most important to date. Pop by here and/or Facebook on 1st August to find out more and how you can take part.

We have our first fundraiser coming up and I am already humbled by the offers of help and gifts of beautiful ‘makes’ that will form part of the day. The date is Saturday 29th August and the charity is MacMillan Cancer Support. Every family is touched by cancer so I hope we can all give what we can. In return for your monetary gift to the charity I am putting on a virtual Maker’s Day where we can come together to learn new skills and techniques, share work, take part in wee challenges and maybe win a giveaway. I am still looking for more help so if anyone has a wee tutorial they can share just get in touch. I am also looking for a few more ‘makes’ to give away. The day will start at 11am U.K. time but run into the next day allowing everyone to have access. We have members in Australia to consider…😉. Running off the Facebook page we will have something popping up throughout the day at regular intervals and, of course, you can pop on and off as you like. I am going to be launching some wee challenges before the event so do keep an eye out.

The Barony shop has reopened and I am delighted to share that (if everything stays as is) our first 52 Stitched Stories exhibition will be at the beginning of September. Many more details on that as the date gets a wee bit closer but I am so excited that so many people get a chance to share their work in this beautiful venue in West Kilbride.

So lots happening and it is fabulous to have you all with me on what has become a far reaching and life affirming creative project. Stay well folks. 🙏🧵🧶🖍✏️❤️

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