Summer project updates

I don’t get to blog as much as I would like as the project is so busy. We are just coming to the end of our social isolation open call and have had some wonderful postcards gifted for the project for sharing. Social isolation has been testing for so many of us and I think it is powerful to record this through stitch. We are gearing up for our exhibition this summer at the Barony Centre in West Kilbride. The Arran and West Kilbride groups are coming together to share their project that ran in 2019. The exhibition was postponed from earlier in the year so it will be good to get it up.

During lockdown the project moved into all sorts of creative areas as many of us had much more time on our hands. I decided to set up a separate group for this work so people could continue sharing all their creative work. One stitch at a time was born and is linked to the main page. Here members share all manner of creative experiments with naturally dyeing being a firm favourite.

It has been a very busy time for my Etsy store that I set up to support the project when I realised not everyone has stash like me. Actually I have far less stash as much of it went in kits and packs. My studio is very empty. For a time it got a wee bit overwhelming but I created a plan to involve other makers so now commission materials from them, thus lessening the workload slightly. More importantly, it allows the project to support small creative businesses at a time when that seems the sensible thing to be doing. Many of the suppliers are kitchen table enterprises and it is so important to support this talent.

One of the most humbling aspects of the project developed from a member who asked if she might pay it forward on a kit. The idea being that she purchased the kit and I sent it to someone who would benefit from a wee boost. It took off from there and the project matched every order meaning that the community has gifted well in excess of 100 kits now. This bit of the project will stay with me always.

So it has been a busy summer and at HQ we are splitting our time between preparing for the exhibition and preparing for the autumn inspiration packs. These seasonal packs have been so very popular and I and delighted to be working with 8 different makers to bring these packs forward. These include a community of makers in Jaipur. It continues to be a joy to run this project and work alongside so many creative folk. Long may it continue. 🙏🧵❤️🙏

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