Project News

There is much going on at HQ as I respond to requests and suggestions from members. I am always very grateful for these as it centres the project and ensures that it moves in the direction that is needed. In these extraordinary and difficult times new aspects have become far more important that anticipated when the project was first conceived.

Virtual support is now front and centre and as a result our daily virtual coffee morning at 11am (UK time) has become more and more important. We touch base and share projects. Not everyone comments and that is fine. I share a project from my work basket daily. Over 300 people turn up each and every day. Thank you to you all.

The other aspect that has become important is the project Etsy store. I have been making up mini kits for around £5 that enable people to try new techniques for their postcard journey or even a new creative project. The popularity of these reminds me that not everyone has a stash or if we do it might be limited in some way. I have been a textile artist for over 20 years so I have a diverse and (too) large stash so I am more than happy to pass these supplies on. I might be on my own in leading the project now but managing to keep up. I am currently working on new products that will begin to come on stream next week. I only post out a couple of times a week now and am grateful for everyone’s patience.

Moving forward, next week I will be starting a weekly Mood Board challenge where we will be introduced to a mood board that will release starter ideas and activities. This is the most common message I get on the project – how to turn supplies into projects. I hope to offer supplies to match the boards so that no one need feel excluded. I have many more virtual support ideas coming online in the weeks and months to come.

Meantime if you have any suggestions or requests don’t hesitate to contact me. Keep wee everyone. 🙏🧵❤️🙏

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