Difficult times & stitching

Hello everyone, how are we all doing? These are such difficult times and I do hope you are all well and stay that way. At HQ I am clearly on my own now with other project volunteers being in self isolation but I hope the project is still delivering what it needs to. Stitching is a calming activity so I hope that daily ideas and interventions on our Facebook page play a part in inspiring us all to pick up a needle.
Our virtual coffee morning each day at 11am on our Facebook page continues to draw in hundreds of visitors and many people are sharing their creative projects. The strategy of sharing projects from my work basket seems to be very well received. Some of the ideas relate closely to making postcards but some drift away. The aim here is so offer as much variety as I can from my own studio as we all have more time available just at this time. I will try and continue with this until the worst is over and then relax the format a wee bit. I am acutely aware that many members are in the vulnerable group so I am trying to reach out as much as possible to people who face a protracted period of time in social isolation. Do feel free to message for a wee chat anytime. Much of my day is spent catching up with members and it is a vital part of the project.
I am also trying to service the project with more mini packs and other ideas on our project Etsy shop. I only post out a couple of times a week now and I am grateful for your patience in receiving your orders. I have temporarily suspended sending out free resources to take the pressure off our local post office but this will resume as soon as is sensible. I am trying very hard to make everything as affordable as possible as well as keep some creative diversity.
This week I opened an extraordinary call for gift stitch postcards with the theme of social isolation. Rarely have we all been in a similar position at the same time so it will be interesting to see how we experience and interpret this differently. This is an entirely optional aspect of the project but open to all. Closing date is provisionally end of June, but this might be extended. Please don’t feel the need to rush to post, nearer the deadline might be more sensible.
Meantime, keep healthy, keep stitching and look after yourselves and if I can help in any way just yell. Much love to all

Fiona xx

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