Work Basket Project 1

In these difficult times I am going to spend some time unpicking some of my creative practices in the hope that others might find them useful and adapt them to fit their own needs.
First up is the gratitude journal. This can be done lots of different ways but I make these wee books which are hand painted making each one unique. I find the colours I chose reflect how I am feeling.

They unfold into lots of interesting ways but ultimately there are numerous pages just waiting to be sketched, painted or written on. At this very troubling time in the world I have decided to start filling in a new one. Each page will feature something I have to be grateful for. It is a technique that my grandmother taught me and I have used it all my life. Whenever things are not going so well I try really hard to focus on the things I know I should be grateful for. This is not always easy! But I always stick to the task and it ALWAYS works. If you want to join me think about creating your own wee book and spend the next run of days making an entry every day. Grandma always told me to make sure I read back to the beginning once I had finished. In doing that you can see the journey you have been on. Hope this is useful. 🙏❤️🙏

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