Change of Direction

Most people reading this already know that we have suspended our plans to take the project on the road. Despite months of preparation we had no option but to take that decision given the threat of coronavirus. Many of our members are elderly and some have long term health issues. It was a timely and, we hope, wise decision.
We have spent the last couple of days redesigning the project so that we can fully embrace the virtual support we can offer. I am sure lots more ideas will bubble up in the coming weeks but this is where we are at now –

We are going to introduce a weekly ‘bliss’ newsletter. This newsletter will offer support, inspiration and sharings designed to give us all something positive to focus on in these testing times. We are just working through the specifics of this and will confirm in the coming days.

We are going to start offering FREE supplies designed to inspire. They will be offered on our Facebook page, link on this page. This could be absolutely anything! Members have enjoyed receiving a piece of sea pottery in their spring packs. These costs us nothing except the effort to collect, which was a pleasure. We have lots of supplies that don’t make it into the designs for our inspiration packs so we are happy to pass those on via our Facebook page. UK postage will be covered by sales from our Etsy shop. If you live outside the UK we will ask for a small donation via our buy me a coffee site HERE.

We hope to expand our FREE resources to children as funds allow. This has proved to be very popular so we have plans!

Lastly, we will be expanding our Etsy shop for those of you that wish to purchase supplies. This will also include more sewing kits for ‘one off projects.’ For example, a wee kit to make a textile brooch.
To support all of this our Facebook page will be brighter and busier to make sure that those people self isolating have strong links to the project.
We do hope you like the new additions and please do let us know if we have missed something obvious.
Wishing you all good health and keep sewing…..

Fiona 🙏🧵🧵❤️

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