January 2020 – project update

Welcome to 2020, all of us at 52 Stitched Stories wish you every happiness for the new year and new decade.

It has been a busy time in the project with lots of new members joining from all over the world. In January so far the website has had over 2,500 visitors from 50 different countries proving the international appeal of stitching and creating small pieces of work.
In the background two of the Arran members have committed more and more time to to the project. All of this time is voluntarily, such is the passion and belief in the project. Our starter packs have been very popular again as the year turned. You DO NOT need to buy a starter pack to join the project. However, it was a popular request last year from people who wanted a wee bit of help getting going. All profits from these go into supporting the project.

Our new Etsy shop will be listing items relevant to the project and this will allow the project to be self sustaining. This has always been important to the project coordinator, Fiona Doubleday. From the start this project was designed to be a grass roots initiative that would always be open to all and free to join. Our small income stream allow streams allows us to ensure that is always the case.
This year will see some of the first exhibitions of work popping up and we are beyond excited. The first is at the Barony Centre 28th March to 18th April and will show the work of the Arran group and the West Kilbride group. On the 28th March there will be an opportunity to meet some of the makers and a wee talk from Fiona. Fiona will also be a more detailed presentation later the same day for the Micro Talks project. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more information.
Later in the summer the Arran group will be exhibiting in the beautiful Brodick Castle – more information on that one as soon as it is ready.
At 52 Stitched Stories HQ (a summer house in Fiona’s garden) we are mindful of the members who began the project back in January 2019. So, we have designed a wee brooch to mark this important moment. The brooches are all made using scraps of luxury fabric kindly donated to the project. Each one is unique and available now on our Etsy store for a nominal fee. Wear your brooch proudly peeps!

Some ‘finishers’ have asked if they can carry on and a resounding yes is audible from HQ. Some groups are carrying on and some people are just carrying on as individuals. If you don’t want to do a postcard every week you are always welcome to gift a postcard to the project as part of our gift stitch open calls – more information on our Facebook page.
Perhaps the biggest news is the arrival of the 52 Stitched Stories campervan. Fiona and her dear friend, Coral, are taking the project on the road. Initially this has been defined as Scotland as the van is large and much practice will be needed! Trips are already getting booked to visit groups, set exhibitions, give talks and offer workshops. If you have a wee group in Scotland and would like a visit just message anytime. The first trip is in March and sees us visiting a group in Dunoon before setting an exhibition in West Kilbride. Fear not, we will be busy working while away stitching gifted postcards into exhibition books, creating starter kits and stitching brooches. We will keep everyone up to date with our travels on this wee blog.
To top all of that we have some ridiculously exciting news but sadly we can’t share it yet. A bit mean but maybe you will pop back regularly to find out more? 😉
However big this project gets we will never lose sight of its roots – to encourage people to be creative either as individuals or in groups and to spread the unique language of ‘stitching’. Much love to all. 🙏🧵❤️

2 thoughts on “January 2020 – project update

  1. Hi  Fiona Thrilled to see the success of Stitched Stories and await your news with anticipation. Flying to Japan tomorrow Fond regards cas Cas Holmes Artist, Writer and Lecturer

    casholmes.com Facebook

    Author of Textile Landscape, Stitch Stories, Connected Cloth and the Found Object in Textile Art.( Batsford publications)


    1. Hi Cas, lovely to hear from you, we are doing just great! About to start visiting some of the groups in our campervan and first exhibition is at the Barony centre in West Kilbride 28th March to 18th April. There will be lots of pictures. Keep well xxx


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