December 2019 Project Update

Firstly, hello to our new members. This project just keeps growing. Some members are nearing the end of their year of stitching whilst others are just getting underway. That is exactly how the project should be. Some people are even carrying on beyond the year!
Our first gift stitch was successful with people gifting a postcard on the theme of autumn to the project. These will now be stitched into a book which will follow exhibitions as they begin to pop up. Our next gift stitch is underway –

If you want to take part just message when yours is ready and I will give you a postal address. Thanks so much for everyone who is taking part. These books will be an important part of the project.

Our starter packs have been popular and helped many people get underway. We only make these to order and the order book is currently closed for Christmas holidays but will reopen in January. All profits are going to help keep the project going. I am hoping to be able to start getting round Scotland to visit groups in my campervan from the new year so accommodation costs are covered!

I am currently working on Inspiration packs that will be available as each new gift stitch is announced from next year. Once again, all profits will go to the project. Now I have retired I have far more time for this wonderful project and give of my time voluntarily and delighted to be able to do so.
I am also working on a wee ‘scraps’ 52 Stitched Stories brooch that can be purchased for a nominal charge when you have completed your year of stitching. More details on that very soon.
I am hugely grateful to all members who have given supplies to help with the starter packs as this keeps costs down. I would also encourage those of you in groups to swap supplies when you meet as it is a brilliant way of sharing. This project has humbled me as it offers us a view of humanity that is missing in lots of places. The kindness and generosity of spirit is evident on the Facebook page so do pop over and see what it is all about.
Today I received a hand stitched Christmas card from a new friend in the Orkney isles that I met through this project. It touched me deeply. Every day I communicate with members and there are so many stories of people made to feel welcome in groups and individuals who have found the project to be uplifting. Long may that continue.
May I take this opportunity to wish those that celebrate a ‘Merry Christmas’ and a wonderful new year. Let’s see where our stitching takes is in 2020. Much love to all,

Fiona 🌲🧵⛄️🧵❄️🧵❤️🧵🙏

2 thoughts on “December 2019 Project Update

  1. Hello Fiona Always lovely to see how this project is developing. I am away a lot in January…but just wondered. Would you like a small stitch piece from me to go in as a surprise gift into one of the brooch packs? all best Cas Cas Holmes Artist, Writer and Lecturer Facebook

    Author of Textile Landscape, Stitch Stories, Connected Cloth and the Found Object in Textile Art.( Batsford publications)


    1. Hi Cas, OMGoodness, yes please. That is incredibly kind of you. Your support has meant the world to this project. Everyone is so so touched. Happy Christmas when it comes and maybe we shall finally meet in 2020! 🙏🙏🧵❤️


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