Project update September 2019

For some of us the project started on 1st January 2019 so we are well through. For others it has just starting. The rolling start means that the project keeps growing and changing as new members come on board. Existing members have fed back how useful it would be to have a starting pack so we are busy working on this now. Using as many recycled fabrics as possible we aim to continue our aim to make this project as sustainable as we can manage. We even have donations of unwanted embroidery threads coming into the project HQs which is lovely.

At one stage we had thought of going for some funding but we are sitting back off that for a while to see if we can come up with a more grass routes options. Profits from the starter packs will be sunk back into the project and we are also considering a crowd funding campaign for the new year. As groups near completion many would like to exhibit and it would be wonderful if the project could make a financial donation to support this. A couple of us offer workshops to support new groups and these are currently self funding. Once again, a pot of money would be useful just to help with travel costs.

From the start the vision was to be as inclusive as possible but also for the project to be shaped as it developed. We are trying to hold onto that. We welcome people in 16 different countries and new groups popping up everywhere. 52 Stitched Stories is a beacon of what is great in this world. People coming together to support each other through their creative journeys and I am fit to burst with pride. The project has taken over my life and I am absolutely fine with that.

If you would like a starter pack or even give one as a gift I am pulling together a list of interested people so do let me know and I can add you to the list. I am not sure of cost at the moment but will post details on the Facebook page and keep interested people in the loop. It occurs to me that it would make a wonderful Christmas gift. It will have everything in it you need to get started and is packed full of ideas as well. It will be presented in a beautiful linen pouch and small enough to pop into your bag making 52 Stitched Stories mobile.

Keep posting on the Facebook page and keep stitching lovely people. 🧵🧵🙏🙏❤️❤️

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