Stitching across the world

Hello everyone, I am delighted to share that we now have people stitching in 15 countries across the world with new people joining all the time. Stitching as definitely become a new language and this wee statement echos the ethos of the work and approach to textile art by Cas Holmes. Cas has been a tremendous supporter of this project and without her the reach would not have been so far and so swift! If you are not familiar with her work do look her up.

We have created a new page on the site specifically for those of you in the project that are not in groups – Virtual Connections. If you contact us we can set up an email exchange where you can send us pictures of your postcards with and we can post them on that page. It is so important that we involve everyone in this project.

Keep sharing on Facebook and Instagram and let’s all keep in contact. Tis a magical project. 🙏🧵❤️

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