This site is now archived.  On 1st January 2021 we launched our brand new website.  Pop across and see what you think.  Lots of new things to share and plenty of ways to get involved.  


Welcome to the 52 Stitched Stories community arts project.  The project began life on the Isle of Arran off the west coast of Scotland.  The aim of the project is to make a postcard piece of creative work every week for a year.  On the island this has been interpreted as a stitching project, although we use that term very broadly.  The project quickly gathered pace and the amazing art community in West Kilbride (just over the water) joined us.  In their model the brief was expanded to use any media.  Although we work as individuals producing our visual narratives we come together in our community groups monthly and have also managed to come together in a shared gathering in West Kilbride.  Since it’s beginning in January 2019 it has now travelled to 24 countries and wrapped itself right round the world.  Everyone is welcome to join any time as we now have a rolling start.  It is FREE to join. 

The project is about more than the postcards though.  It is about sharing, inspiring and, ultimately, friendship.  The project facilitator, Fiona Doubleday, is a textile artist based on Arran.  If you are a member of a community that might like to join this project at any stage do get in touch via our contact page.